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Blue Light Corridor Launches Today!!

Sep 7, 2019

Hi Friends!

Al Hilgendorf here. Today I'm excited to announce the launch of my new instrumental outlet Blue Light Corridor! If you want to skip all the following commentary you can listen here https://soundcloud.com/user-198140

After last year's Christmas album "On a Quiet Night Like This" (if you haven't heard it yet, shame on you) I was kind of at a loss as to what to do next. I still have a lot of unrecorded worship songs in the files but I wasn't really excited about starting one of those projects just yet. So I prayed and thought about what would really get me pumped and I began to craft an idea for some guitar music. Not just any kind of shred or noodling but music that would be enjoyable and interesting as background or "front-ground". My main criteria is that it be beautiful. It became quite fun to search for loops, beats and sounds as I leaned toward ambient.chill.guitar.

I have 3 tunes in the can and will be putting them on Soundcloud in the next few days. They will eventually be available on Spotify, Apple, Amazon and other digital outlets. Sorry, no CD's are planned at this time.

So thank you so much for your continued interest and please follow on your listening stream of choice so that you can receive info on what I hope to be frequent releases. And if you have a playlist for work or study, please consider adding me to that.

Oh, and that wonderful logo was created by my sister, Eulene.

Thank you all so much!!