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Christmas in August!

Aug 4, 2018

Hi Friends!

Al Hilgendorf here.

We now have less than a month to squeeze in all the summer activities we wanted to do this year. (Just thought you might like to know that). But even in the midst of this 90+ degree weather, my mind has been on Christmas all year.

In my last letter I mentioned that I had written some new songs that will constitute a Christmas record I never intended to do. I gave myself a deadline of August to have it recorded and September to have it mixed and mastered.

Well, believe it or not, things are right on schedule.

The album, which will be called "On A Quiet Night Like This" is a musical narrative of the birth of Christ. It has 7 new songs and 2 instrumentals and my intention was to create a recording that is perfect for listening to with the lights low and the kids in bed. And yes, all the recording is finished except for one part that is waiting for a mandolin that is on back-order. (sigh)

I'm also hoping this season to present concerts with all the songs on the record for various holiday functions, such as Christmas teas, parties, etc.

Thanks for your continued interest in my music and I will keep you posted as the album release gets closer.