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New Year, New Songs

Jan 28, 2018

Hi Friends!

Al Hilgendorf here.

I hope this new year finds you healthy if not wealthy and wise. The end of last year saw the release of my new record "Restore" and if you haven't heard it yet, the best place to do that is right on my website www.everydaypraise.com.

Since finishing "Restore" I thought about what my next move would be. I have a few songs I could record as singles, I could start another album (I have plenty of songs just waiting) or I could take a break. Well, none of the above.

Over the Christmas holidays I wrote a nice little song called "Our Little Town" which is kind of a re-imagining of "O Little Town of Bethlehem". I thought that it would be nice to record that as a single but I began to wish I had other Christmas songs to create an album. I began writing and, to my surprise, I came up with a few more album worthy Christmas songs. I always told myself that if I ever did a Christmas record it would be all original music because, well, no one needs to hear me do another Christmas carol cover. I began working on the album a three weeks ago and my goal is to have it done by this Christmas. The working title is "On a Quiet Night Like This" and it will be more acoustic and contemplative. My favorite Christmas albums have always been those that I can listen to while sitting with a cup of cocoa in the dark while staring at the Christmas tree. I hope that when this is finished it will evoke the same kinds of feelings and be a favorite Christmas album for many people.

As always, thank you for your interest and support!