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Update and Free Music!

Apr 3, 2015

Hi Friends!

This is a weekend to celebrate! Good Friday and Easter celebrate the pinnacle events of the Christian faith and I hope you are able to celebrate with joy and meaning!

I wanted to let you know that I've been working on the new album, which I've decided to title it "Restore". The theme throughout most of the songs is that in Christ, all things are new. The songs were written in 2007 and 2008 (I know, I'm a little behind) except for one named "We Are Changed" which is new and seems to fit the theme, so I included it. I've finished the drum tracks and by the time you read this the basic guitar tracks will be done and I'll start working on vocals. I'm excited about a couple of these songs because I felt they weren't good enough and they almost didn't make the cut, but with some changes I was able to "restore" them.

A year ago I was invited to add some guitar parts to a couple of instrumental tunes that a good friend of mine was recording. He has written some beautiful instrumentals and goes by the name of Drifting North. If you like the music of Trans Siberian Orchestra you can find Drifting North on YouTube at:
I played on "Fallen", "In Motion" and "Beloved" and the rest is played by my talented friend.
You can also download tracks for free at his Soundcloud page:


Al Hilgendorf