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Jan 28, 2013

Hi Friends!

Good news! A few days ago I sent the final master of my second CD “I Will Follow” off to the manufacturer. Any day now I will be approving the art work for the jacket and I should have copies by mid February. It's been three years since Chris Chapman added his amazing bass parts to these songs and over two years since Jes VanderRoest recorded her backing vocals. Why did it take so long? Maybe my twelve hour-a-day work schedule had something to do with it. Plus the incredible learning curve of building a home studio and acquiring the items needed to make a top notch recording. Most of all, I wanted to get everything as right as I could get it. And I believe I did! The songs include many of my original guitar driven worship songs that we have sung at our church over the past few years, plus a couple we haven't, plus a bluesy number thrown in for um... blues lovers. Anyway, I'll be letting you know more as the release gets closer!

On a Sunday morning last December as I walked in to music rehearsal at our church in Kalamazoo, there was a guitar case with my name on it on the platform. Inside was a beautiful Gibson Songwriter acoustic guitar (pictured in the gallery on my website). This has been my dream acoustic since I first played one a few years ago, and a bunch of friends (I still don't know who) pitched in and bought it for me. I'm still amazed when I think about it. Every time I play it I think about how generous and loving these people are. But more than that, I feel that this is God's way of validating my gifts and offering to Him!

And lastly (sorry this is a little long), a college roommate that I haven't seen since my freshman year asked me to play on one of his instrumental tunes. Byron and I met in the dorm room sign-up line, started talking about guitars and decided to room together right there. I was a fledgling player and he taught me a lot. We always talked about recording together. Well, 30 years later, thanks to the magic of the webernets, we have! Here is the YouTube link to “In Motion” : http://youtu.be/pBLCtciHpV8

Have a blessed week!