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Tracking Is Done!!!

Oct 20, 2012

Hi friends!

Good news! All the tracking for the new CD "I Will Follow" is finished! For those of you unfamiliar with studiospeak, that means that all the instruments for all the songs have been recorded. It's been a long process, but the more I learn the faster it goes. The next step is mixing, which is the process of balancing each instrument within the song. I'll start that next week. If everything goes as planned, "I Will Follow" will be released early next year.

A couple of months ago I entered a worship song contest. While I didn't win the trip to California to perform it at the festival (no free vacation this year) you can hear "Honestly" on YouTube at http://youtu.be/OFL7uqkL7bM
As always, chord charts are available on my website.

Have a wonderful Fall!!!!

@alhilgendorf on Twitter