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Scuff Marks

Oct 13, 2011

Hi Friends!

This past summer Carolyn and I spent a few vacation days in Memphis. I've never been a huge Elvis fan, but I felt that visiting Graceland was something that every music fan should do at least once (and once is enough for me). The highlight for me, though, was visiting Sun Studio where all the early rock n roll magic took place and hearing the stories. What's amazing is how much of it happened by "accident" - how the tape happened to be rolling while the guys were just "fooling around". We really never know what words or actions will have the impact that we're looking for, do we?

A few months ago I wrote a song called "Scuff Marks". If I had to tell you how I wrote it I probably couldn't. All I remember is starting out with the first couple of lines of the first verse and wondering where it was going. I finally put it on video and you can see it here: http://youtu.be/7FQjoIX3OcQ
The song is about it being harder to do the right thing than it is to NOT do the wrong thing. Hope you like it. I also added the chord chart to my website.

It doesn't look like I'll have a new CD this year (boo hoo). My "day job" has had me working some pretty long hours since spring, but I am chipping away at it. I have two songs totally tracked. One is a duet with my friend Jessica Bair who sings like an angel! I've been tweeting my progress on Twitter. @alhilgendorf if you want to follow.

The poetry site has almost 50 posts. Maybe I'll self publish a small volume if anyone would be interested. www.evdaypoems.blogspot.com

My next gig is at the Aroma Coffeehouse in Battle Creek on Nov. 5th.

Many Blessings!!