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Summer Update

Jul 11, 2008

Just when I thought summer was a time to relax...

I've been having some fun with a new "social" website called OurStage (www.ourstage.com). You can sign up as an artist or a fan and you can listen and judge all kinds of independent music. It's really easy (and addicting) to judge. You listen to two songs in the genre of your choice and pick which one you like the most. My song "You Are a Mighty God" reached no. 57 out of 600 entries in the Christian/Gospel category before dropping down to 118. Check it out if you like to discover new music.

I started tracking the drums for a new guitar instrumental called "Diggin' Indigo". I thought I'd start with this tune in order to get familiar with the recording software and when it's done I'll offer it as a free download to all of you who have subscribed to this newsletter.

Also, check out my new blog entry "This Ain't No Salad Bar". I welcome your comments.

Have a blessed summer!