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Apr 30, 2021

Hi Friends!
Al Hilgendorf here. It's been a year since I sent out an email. (I told you I wouldn't spam you!) And it's been a year since I recorded any vocal music. Well, the song Origin's End was released, which has somewhat of a vocal on it. If you haven't heard it and you're into some form of electronic dance music, check it out on my video page.

I've been mainly releasing a lot of instrumental music on my Blue Light Corridor outlets, you know, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Apple etc. I have 22 instrumentals available for your enjoyment.

I received some tragic news recently. An old friend and avid supporter passed away. He also had an instrumental page on YouTube called Drifting North and was an influential person in my life. I dedicated a new tune to him called "Gone, Not Gone" on my BLC page.

My newest vocal tune is a song called "Glowing". I recorded a YouTube video some time ago just after I wrote it, but I always wanted to do a studio recording of it. Right now it's only available on my Soundcloud page here https://soundcloud.com/al-hilgendorf/glowing It will be distributed to the usual places soon. (I'm waiting for my distributor to have a sale). Hope it blesses you greatly!

As always, thank you for listening and be blessed!
Al Hilgendorf