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Al Hilgendorf
2 posts
Jun 26, 2010
9:31 PM

If anyone deserved respect, it was David: Anointed giant killer, mighty warrior, winner of the “Battle of the Bands – Harp Shred” numerous times. So why was he being chased around the desert by the king and his army? He probably felt as respected as Rodney Dangerfield (“I don't get no respect. The king told me to go outside and play 'Dodge the Chariot'”). God had anointed him king; where was the respect?

I hear many worship leaders express the same sentiment. The pastor/search team/Lord had put them in this position, but they don't seem to be getting the respect from the team they feel they deserve. There's competition, subversion, second guessing, arguing, snickering and finger-pointing, etc. etc. While none of this behavior is acceptable, it's still a fact that some people just do not respect position alone. And even those that do, do so on a limited basis. Let's face it – respect is earned. So what does it take to “earn” respect?

People respect vision. A leader who's standing still isn't a leader. People respect leaders who know where they're going, whether it's with the rehearsal, service, team or ministry. Suggestions: Explain your song selections to the team (one star). Write a mission statement and list goals with the help of your pastor (five stars).

People respect ability. David had a lot of it, which is why Saul was so jealous. Ability is a big issue with musicians. If you've been put into a worship leader position simply because you're the best singer, this is a huge issue for you. But all of us should be diligent in improving our musical abilities any way we can. Suggestions: Take guitar lessons (five stars). Take drum lessons (one star – okay, ha, ha, sorry. Couldn't resist).

People respect knowledge. Do you know the difference between a phaser and a flanger? Staccato and spicatto? A Rhodes and a Wurlitzer? Knowledge and ability usually go hand in hand, but there are some highly respected producers who can't play a thing. Knowledge helps you communicate. “Study to show thyself approved.” Suggestions: Take an arranging course (five stars). Visit Wikipedia (one star).

People respect character. This was David's coup. When Saul realized that David could have killed him, but didn't, he turned around and went home. Good character trumps everything. Good character is the result of the Spirit of God living in us, but also of Godly influences in our lives. Suggestions: Read a biography of someone with great character (one star). Get a mentor (five stars).

And lastly, but not in the least, people respect respect. In order to get respect, you have to give it. Need I say more?

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