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Just For Fun - A "Mad Libs" Game for Worship Teams
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Al Hilgendorf
1 post
Feb 20, 2010
9:33 PM
Here is a “Mad Libs” type word game to play with your music team. If you've never played Mad Libs before, it's quite simple. Designate one person to hold the sheet with the “story” and, without revealing the content, ask each person to provide a word that corresponds with part of speech in the blank. After all the words are collected, the story is read back with the given words. The more outlandish the words, the funnier the story. Let me know how it works for you!

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in our __(adjective)___ worship team. We are always looking for talented ___(pl. noun) and ____(adjective) people to be part of our ministry. As you prepare for your ___(adjective)___ audition, please take the time to read the following information about us.

The ___(name of your church)___ worship team has been together for __(number)__ years. Our mission statement is “To __(verb)__ the __(noun)__ until the __(adjective)__ world hears.” Our worship leader, ___(name of person in the room)___, has a BA degree in __(school subject)__ and is a joy to __(verb)__ with. Our style of music is __(adjective)__ contemporary with some __(music genre)__ mixed in. We have many __(adjective)__ musicians, such as __(name of person in room)__ who plays the __(instrument)__ and __(name of person in room)__ who plays the __(adjective)__ __(instrument)__. We rehearse __(number)__ times a week with our first rehearsal on __(day of the week)__.

Once a year we get together for a __(adjective)__ retreat at a __(adjective)__ conference center where we __(verb)__ as a team and __(verb)__ as individuals.

As part of our team, you would be expected to adhere to an onstage dress code. __(adjective)__ pants or __(adjective)__ shirts are not allowed, but all team members must dress __(adverb)__.

Most of all, as an onstage team member, you would be expected to live __(adverb)__ according to the Bible and not __(verb)__, __(verb)__, or __(verb)__.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to __(verb)__.


__(name of worship leader)__
Jun 27, 2018
12:52 PM
Thank you.

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