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Al Hilgendorf
Jul 07, 2007
4:08 AM
My definition of excellence as it pertains to the music ministry is this:
Excellence is the elimination of distraction so that the congregation is free to focus all of their attention on God.

Wrong notes are a distraction. So is poor sound quality. A flubbed intro to a song or an ending that's not together is a distraction. A soloist who has a hard time keeping on pitch is a distraction because the listener is more concerned about the notes the poor person is singing than the meaning of the words. What we wear can be a distraction as well as how we express ourselves (or don't express ourselves).

Excellence is not perfection. Perfection is self-centered. Perfection asks “What will make me look good/sound good?” Excellence is concerned with the experience of the worshipers. “How can we be the best at what we do so that the congregation can relax in our competent leading of them into the presence of God?”

Excellence doesn't mean we don't ever make mistakes. It means we don't draw attention to them.

Excellence means that it might be better NOT to do something than to do it poorly.

Excellence means that even though something may be done well, it may not be appropriate. (Instrumental solos come to mind. What do worshipers do during a guitar solo? They stop participating and listen. Sometimes that's appropriate but many times not.)

Excellence is freedom.

He must increase, we must decrease.

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