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So excited!!
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Jes VanderRoest
May 29, 2007
7:07 AM
OK, maybe I'm the only one "frolicking" but I think that Al has done a FABULOUS job at what he set out to do: write a new song that is authentic worship and singable for a congregation. It is beautiful to see everyone learning his songs (usually with no knowledge that it's an Al original)and then to watch as the spirit of worship takes over... I won't even try to explain the majesty of being a small part of creation trying to worship our Creator... I'll just say Praise Jesus!
Randy Frizzell
Jun 04, 2007
11:27 AM
I am looking forward to this release. This music is 20 years in the making. The partial cuts sound great!

Let the Passion out. Praise God and Rock LOUD!

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